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"Firecracker" 12mm Jewelry

$42.00 - $75.00
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  • Electric Blue Ignite 12mm Crystal Earrings

Product Description


Unleash your inner firework with our dazzling “Firecracker” crystal jewelry design! Inspired by the vibrant hues of the iconic firecracker popsicle, this pattern is a sassy fusion of royal red, electric white ignite, and electric blue ignite crystals. Warning: May cause onlookers to spontaneously combust with jealousy.

  • 3/4 Length Necklace: Make a statement with the full firecracker effect. Let heads turn as you flaunt this vibrant masterpiece.
  • 1/2 Length Necklace: For trendsetters on-the-go, this shorter version adds a playful pop of color to any outfit.
  • Bracelet: Stack your style high! The “Firecracker” bracelet is a mini explosion of joy for your wrist.

Why “Firecracker”? Because life’s too short for dull accessories! Let your style sparkle, sizzle, and pop with our irresistible crystal jewelry. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just embracing your inner firecracker, this collection promises to light up your world. ?✨

Get ready to dazzle and light your “Firecracker” now! ?️?

Crystal Size: 12mm
Crystal Color: Royal Red, Electric White Ignite, Electric Blue Ignite
Necklace Length: Adjustable from 15" to 20"
Bracelet Length: Adjustable from 6" to 8"
Nickel Free, Lead Free
Handmade in the USA with the highest quality Austrian crystal elements.

Warranty Information

1-Year limited Warranty

Our 1-year limited warranty covers any defect in materials or workmanship. If your piece is determined by Sarah's Crystal Creations to have a manufacturer's defect it will be replaced free of charge. Included under the warranty are any abnormal discolorations beyond the normal variations in stone or metal colors, loose/chipped crystals or non functioning clasp upon purchase.

What is NOT covered under the warranty?

Damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse are not covered by warranty. This includes breakage due to mishandling, wearing in water, etc. General negligence after purchase and every day wear and tear are not covered under the warranty.

Care Guide

Sarah's Crystal Creations jewelry pieces are solid brass and all plated finishes are nickel free. We recommend after every wear that you wipe your pieces with a non-chemically treated microfiber polishing cloth. This process will aid in extending the life of your jewelry by reducing a build up of body oils, lotions, perfumes, etc. that may be present after wearing your pieces. It is recommended that all Sarah's Crystal Creations jewelry avoid being exposed to excessive moisture as it may potentially accelerate wear or cause the jewelry to tarnish.